Pantry Storage Jars And Pantry Labels

by Pantry Organization

Posted on 01-11-2020 03:53 PM

We all Dream Of A Picture Perfect Pantry

You look through Pinterest and the home decorating magazines and they display beautiful looking pantries with rows of expensive food storage canisters.
Have you checked out the price of some of them - They are expensive!

Another thing I don't like about the expensive canisters is that most of them are plastic.
I try and use glass where possible.
I know that glass is more food safe and I do not have to worry about food safety.

My solution is to use glass jars where possible.

Do you ever buy condiments and when you throw the jar away have a pang of  guilt because it is a great looking jar?

I decided that some of them were too good to throw away so I started using them in  the pantry>

One thing that irked me was it looked a little messy but then I read about a tip in a blog that reccomemned using a fancy set of labels and it made all of the jars and canisters all look uniform
So I decided to try it and it worked a treat

I did learn along the way that some jars cannot be saved if they have had something pungent in there such as garlic, or ginger as it gets into the lid.
If you can find replacement lids then it will work perfectly

I also found some great pickle and mason jars in the thrift store

If the thought of busying secondhand jars does not sit well with you and you want new jars -  Amazon have some geat jars. Ranging from 8oz right through to gallon sized jars

They also have a great range of mason jars which always make great storage jars and can be repurposed for canning or prserving as well

And these are the labels I used. As you can see there are so many labels and the font is super cute.
Plus there are blank labels and a marker so you can do your own custom pantry labels
- You can grab them on Amazon - They have the best labels for spice jars

Pantry labels


spice jar labels

Pantry Jars on The Cheap

1. Collect The Jars.

If you want a uniform look for your repurposed jars, start saving and collecting your favorite type of jar (e.g., jam jars, peanut butter jars, etc.). Otherwise, start a collection of mismatched jars.
Remember you can ask friends and neighbors to collect certain styles or brands for you as well.

If collecting them is going to take time - Consider going to a thrift store, yard sale, ask in the local buy swap and sale pages on Facebook and ask if people have clean empty jars that they didn't get around to use for canning or jelly making.

2. Rinse And Soak The Jars.

Rinse the jars and lids, and soak both in hot, soapy water for a few hours.
If the lids are metal - do not soak for too long. Often the lids have iron in them and if left in water thae can corrode. For storing dry foods they are perfect as they do not rust unless left in water.

3. Remove The Labels.

Rub the labels from the jars.

If there’s sticky residue you can’t rub off try a  DIY goo remover: Mix together equal parts baking soda and coconut oil to form a thick paste. Apply directly to the sticky mess and rub with a warm rag until the residue slips away. (canola oil can be in lieu of coconut oil and it works ok too)

4. Deodorize Lids.

If there’s residual odor, soak jars and lids in vinegar for a few hours.
If the smell does not come out of the lids - you may have to source new lids
Or find new jars.

5. Extra Points.

If you really want to push the envelope you could  paint the lids in the same color for a uniform look.

6. Apply New Labels.

Make sure the glass is clean. If you needed to remove labels with oil. Use rubbing alcohol to wipe over the glass and remove all traces of oil. Any film on the glass will interfere with the labels sticking. Arrange your jars and work out ingredient is going into each jar. Take time to consider how you use the ingedient - Do you stick a scoop, a cup or a spoon in? Make sure the mouth of the jar can fit what you use.

5. Fill 'Em Up.

The fun part and it is all so satisfying looking at all your ingredients in glass jars, So much nicer than an assortment of bags and boxes. You will also love how easy it is to check your inventory levels in the pantry. You can quickly see what you are running low on.

Now stand back and admire the view!
A pantry make over for the cost of the labels and if you had to grab some extra jars!

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